“True Patriot” Canada Day T-shirt

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“True Patriot” Canada Day T-shirt

In a few short months Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday.

To commemorate the event on July 1 2017, I wanted to create an amazing Canada Day T-shirt.

Typically when feeling patriotic, or wanting to advertise their country of origin, Canadians are forced to buy cheap looking uninspiring designs from their local Dollar Store. Which will undoubtedly be stocked with an assortment of key chains, ball caps, and t-shirts all plastered with cheesy slogans and big red maple leafs.

My goal was to create a Canada Day T-shirt that would be much more appealing. Something that I’d actually wear personally, as opposed to my past purchases, which until now, have been strictly intended for giving away to friends and strangers while visiting foreign countries.

As it turns out, I’m very happy with the look of the men’s “True Patriot” Canada Day T-shirt, and may actually completely wear mine out and need a replacement before Canada Day arrives on July 1st.

For all you ladies out there, stay tuned and check back soon, as I have a second style coming out which will be aimed more at the girls market.

As far as the current men’s design, I hope you all like it as much as I do. Hurry, and get yours while supplies last!

Craig Pajek

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