Your Video Can’t Be Monetized: The Double Whammy Of Death!

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Hey everyone, Craig Pajek
Hope you’re all doing good

Some of you may already be aware of this, but YouTube actively attempts to sensor and shut down much of the content that goes against the leftist “preferred mainstream narrative”.

They accomplish this by demonetizing videos under the guise of them not being “ad friendly”. These videos can be totally factual and informative, with no graphic content whatsoever …but if YouTube wants, they simply label “controversial or sensitive subjects” as “not ad friendly, and they’re toast!

Although it’s within their rights to do this, they do a great disservice to their larger audience, as these videos are exactly the ones people both want to see and NEED to see. This is essentially allows YouTube to shut down any channel that the leftist mainstream media wouldn’t endorse.

As an example, Im just starting out, and currently have fewer than 10 political videos on this channel …yet several have already been demonetized. You can still watch them …but I can’t earn any revenue on them …and let’s be honest. If I can’t get paid for videos, I can’t continue to make them.

I’ve also noticed that once my video has been demonetized, it almost instantly stops getting viewed. Meaning YouTube intentionally pulls it from their “suggested video” pages as well.

In other words it’s a “double whammy of death” for the video. Not only do I lose that revenue, but YouTube additionally attempts to bury it so that very few people will ever even see the content.

I recently heard a great saying …”truth, it’s the new hate speech”, or as George Orwell famously pointed out “during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”

This creates a challenge, as one of my primary goals is to be a truth teller who covers controversial and sensitive subjects in a truthful and factual way. I shouldn’t have to be concerned about offending people and I shouldn’t be concerned with what YouTube thinks. It always needs to be “facts before feelings” …My primary concern should always be getting facts and honest information to the largest audience possible …to “wake up” as many people as possible.

So what can we do to fight back? First of all by clicking that little “bell symbol” on the top of my channel page, you can be sure to get notifications every time I upload new content.

Another thing that you can do is to support this channel on Patreon.
Patreon is amazing. The link is found on the banner for this channel, and by supporting me with even a tiny subscription, it allows me the freedom to continue creating quality content, without having to compromise my values or soften my message, and without having to worry about the YouTube thought police.

A third option is to go to my website and buy some of the awesome merchandise in my store. These actions will help you to continue seeing the important content that YouTube doesn’t want you to see!

If you’ve already seen a few of my videos you may have already noticed, so far a frequent theme on my channel has been Islam. I can not possibly overstate the seriousness of what will happen if we allow the Islamic invasion of the west to continue, yet this is clearly a topic that YouTube does not approve of.

The mainstream media continues to broadcast a fake message that Islam is the religion of peace. They try to convince us that acts of violence are rare, and somehow unusual …only being perpetrated by a few radicalized individuals. They say if we don’t support the Islamization of the west, we are evil racist bigots. Of course, this could not be further from the truth. People in the west need to wake up to the threat that is Islam, and we need to wake up quickly. Scripture from the Quran is very clear that Allah hates Jews and Christians and wants them dead.

People need to learn the truth about this wolf in sheep’s clothing, and there is over 1400 years of history that we can learn from. For example, I’m working on upcoming videos about the Muslim Barbary Pirates, as well as the Islamic Invasion Of India: Which was likely the Greatest Genocide In human History.

We’re talking about the mass murder of non-Muslims on an epic scale, with forced slavery and sex slavery into the millions.
Anyone who does not oppose the spread of Islam, clearly doesn’t know their history.

So …Please click the bell symbol for my YouTube channel, join me in upcoming videos, check out my online store, and in the meantime offer whatever support you can on my Patreon page.

Help me continue to create amazing informative content that YouTube doesn’t want you to see!

I’m Craig Pajek,
Thanks for reading, and I’ll see u next time!

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